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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – March 31

It’s snowing, again. Still.

I’ve decided to ignore it. Instead, I’m focusing on a talk that I’m giving at the Eastham Senior Center tomorrow morning. The topic will be, Give Me More Color!, and we’ll look at plants that deliver just that, be it through foliage or […]

Pansies In The Snow

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – March 24

They call a spring snow “poor man’s fertilizer” because the flakes pick up nitrogen from the air as they fall, and then melting quickly, deposit that element into the soil. Thanks for trying to save me money, Mother Nature, but really…at this time of year I’d just […]

Bad Clothing

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – January 26

I’ve heard that the Norwegians have a saying: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. As I put on fleece-lined rubber boots, a long down coat, a woolen scarf, hat and gloves and go out in the snow to walk The Dog, I […]


Report From PIA – February 11

We gardeners are all about transformation. We believe we can take a patch of weed-filled earth (let’s face it – there is seldom bare soil) or a boring lawn, and turn it into a foliage and flower-filled delight. My husband and I, for example, turned the ordinary turf entry […]

It Is What It Is

Report From PIA – February 9

A snowstorm is predicted for tomorrow, with a total accumulation of 5 to 9 inches. Some forecasters say more, of course, because when they hype total snow amounts that means that people will keep watching or listening to their station. That’s the All-Fear News as Paul Gorman used to […]

A Matter of Focus

Report From PIA – January 26

One reason I love having a dog, is that dogs are always completely and totally present. When you’re putting down the bowl of chow, a dog doesn’t think about the time you forgot to feed him. When you go out, he’s not thinking about how long you’re staying out […]

The Snow Globe Effect

Report From PIA – January 3

More snow, off and on all day. It was the type of flurry that made me feel like I was in a snow globe and someone had just given it a good shake. Because we stay home and wait out such weather, winter can make us feel like we’re […]

Looking For What’s There

Report From PIA – December 20

It snowed all day, and I still have a cold, so it seemed like a good day to write and bake cookies. I’m working on my new book, which has had the following working titles so far: Cultivating Life, Gardening Totally, The Ground Rules, and Growth.

This book has […]


Report From PIA – December 9

This morning I woke up and saw a slight coating of snow. Truthfully, my first reaction was to think, “This is nice; enough snow to change the landscape, but not enough to shovel.”

I love snow and how it transforms the garden and daily life, but my initial response […]

Of Snow Days and Disrespect

Snow brings out my inner child…when the snow falls, I think it should be a holiday. Early in our marriage I confessed this to my husband during a snowstorm. He walked about a mile through 12 inches of snow to buy a bottle of champagne so we could celebrate. What a guy!

It’s snowing […]