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Being Too Clean

Report From An Opinionated Gardener – April 2

It was, finally, a decent day to work outdoors. With the sun out and temps in the low 50’s, being in the garden was exhilarating as well as productive. I pruned and cleared the leaves from several beds.

As I raked and cut away dead perennial foliage […]

How Gardening Is Like Blogging

Report From PIA – March 21

I raked, weeded and trimmed down perennial beds today, and was always alert for a subject to write about. As I’ve said before, one of the gifts of daily blogging is the need to my antennae up at all times.

In the garden and a blog, you never know […]

Spring Equinox 2010

Report From PIA – March 20

At 5:32 PM, the spring equinox, I was outside finishing some garden cleanup. As I cut down some of last year’s perennial stalks and grasses, the first two of Barry Commoner’s Four Laws of Ecology ran through my head. “Everything is connected to everything else,” and “Everything has to […]

Taking Chances, Taking Control

Report From PIA – March 19

Today’s garden speaks to me about taking risks and taking charge. It was an usually warm, sunny day today… the type of weather that makes us think that spring has positively arrived. It is a tease, of course, but we gardeners took advantage of these conditions nonetheless.

I planted […]

Tossing Seeds

I was clearing out the front garden last week, pulling oak leaves from where they had caught in the stems of ‘Carefree Celebration’ Roses and Russian sage. I piled the brown leaves in the garden cart and once it was full, pulled them to the side yard where they could be dumped. […]

Spring Cleanup and an Open Mind

It was just above 50 degrees the other day so I finished cleaning out the flowerbeds. Although the air was cool, the sun’s warmth allowed me to remove my jacket as I cut the perennials and grasses to the ground. My work was accompanied by the spring mating calls of birds, and the flicker’s noisy […]