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Yin and Yang Customers

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – May 9

On Monday I helped some people in the perennial section of the garden center. I’d say they were yin-and-yang-customers…on the one hand they were excited about planting and ready to put something in the ground. I loved their enthusiasm and desire. On the other hand, they were grabbing […]

Gifts For And From The Garden

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – May 1

It rained today and I rejoiced. An inch or water in the rain gauge! Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was my day off from work and I’m nevertheless celebrating that a constant rainfall delivered just over an inch of moisture to my gardens. It is spring, […]

Once You Start Looking

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – April 25

It might seem like what is blooming in the garden in late-April is nothing compared with the summer to come. Those who love to cut flowers and bring them indoors might already be dreaming of zinnias and dahlias, and planning to plant a cutting garden. Fair enough, but […]

Spring, Again and Again

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – April 22

Driving from the Cape to NYC yesterday was like traveling two to three weeks into the future in a four-hour drive. In southern Massachusetts the trees are just breaking dormancy, and the first-to-bloom shrubs are still vibrant. Yellow forsythias and purple PJM Rhododendrons draw the eye while the […]

The Importance of Seasonal Plants

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – April 13

Ilove violas and pansies. I value their happy, colorful faces and their ability to survive the fluctuations of spring temperatures. For me, these plants represent hope, faith and willingness. Unfortunately I’m afraid that the general public is shying away from short-lived, seasonal flowers.

Why plant pansies now, they […]

Renewal? You Can Grow That!

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – April 4

We all love flowers and color, and in some ways the blossoms and hues that appear in the spring are the most appreciated. Every garden should contain some bulbs, shrubs and perennials that are colorful as winter ends and the growing season begins.Consider, however, that your spring garden […]

Conditions For Growth

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 22

After several days of unusually warm weather the garden is starting to explode. I could practically watch the daylilies grow higher and seeds begin to sprout. Unfortunately, we’ve had little rainfall in the past three weeks so soils are dry. I’ve spent the past three days positioning sprinklers, […]


Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 21

I’ve featured my bamboo cloches in this blog before so you know how much I love them. Imagine how upset I was when one blew away last week after a night of very strong winds. Despite the weights and ties, one basket broke free and disappeared. I looked […]

Making the Most of March

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 18

In the northeast, March is a tough month. Even after a mild winter, and even when it’s warmer than normal, we’re all longing for spring. The landscape can’t green up fast enough, right?

We can’t control the weather or hurry the seasons but we can plan and plant […]

Seeing Color, Growth and Joy

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 2

We can’t control much of what happens in our lives, but we can keep our eyes open for color, growth and joy. And any time we notice these gifts, even in small doses, we need to stop to acknowledge and savor them.

Throughout the day today this is […]