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Working For Beauty, Wanting Success

Report From PIA – April 18

I spoke at a Spring Planting Festival at the garden center today, helping people learn about vegetable gardening. Other speakers talked about the effect of too much synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, how to make compost, and other aspects of home landscaping. There was a sizeable, appreciative crowd who took notes […]

The Yin and Yang Garden

Report From PIA – April 5

We have lived at Poison Ivy Acres for two years, one-and-a-half months, and I’m already moving plants around, correcting mistakes. My mistakes. Yesterday I wrote about removing the creeping Jenny from the rain garden, and today I dug up three Prairie Sky switch grass that are nice plants that […]

Is Gardening Too Complicated?

Report From PIA – April 3

On a recent garden writer’s listserv, the topic that generated a great deal of discussion carried the subject line, “Is Gardening Too Complicated?” The premise the author presented asked if garden writers, with their you-need-to-do-this-but-by-all-means-don’t-consider-that writing might actually be discouraging people from gardening.

I responded to this in another […]

When An Idea Works

Report From PIA – March 28

On February 18th I wrote about how much I miss my homegrown vegetables in the winter, and my idea to grow salad greens in my shed. Today, I’m rejoicing that this scheme worked. We’ve been picking fresh greens for dinner for the last week, and I’m planning to fill […]