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I once read that as people age the parts of their brains that are open to new things starts closing down. People are unlikely to want to listen to newer types of music, or alter routines. Bummer. This must be why my father once said to me “Doesn’t all rock music sound the same?” No, Daaaaad.

I think of all the gardeners I know, however, and realize that most of them are willing to try new plants, if not change the way they design or tend gardens. I do find that some cling to long-held beliefs that we now know are not true: oak leaves make soil more acidic (not) and ants help peonies open (ditto). Entrenched opinions and “Well I’ve always done it this way and it works so I’m not changing now.” aside, I’m hoping that my garden will help keep me open to new ideas.

Flexibility must be practiced, however. For an out-of-control plant person like myself, trying new plants isn’t difficult. Although I vowed that I wouldn’t buy any more plants after the end of August, I found myself unable to resist a sampler pack from Sunshine Farm and Gardens. Some of the plants I received were old friends, but most are new to me. OK, OK… new plants are easy.

Can I also remain adaptable enough to consider new ways to design and tend the garden? Can I stay open in and out of the garden?

I want to go into all of life’s gardens with open eyes, an open mind, and an open heart.

Am I flexible enough to plant this way?

Am I flexible enough to plant this way?

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