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Snow brings out my inner child…when the snow falls, I think it should be a holiday. Early in our marriage I confessed this to my husband during a snowstorm. He walked about a mile through 12 inches of snow to buy a bottle of champagne so we could celebrate. What a guy!

It’s snowing today and my husband isn’t home yet, but I’ve declared it an official snow day, and in celebration I’m ignoring the bills I told myself I would pay. Tomorrow.

That inner child was delighted this morning to see a Coyote exhibit disrespectful behavior. The Dog spotted the coyote walking toward our yard, and he went wild with barking. The coyote paused briefly, looked at the house, and then continued onto our property, turning down the path toward the lake. The Dog raced downstairs so he could continue to watch and bark, bark, bark.

Halfway down the path the coyote paused again and looked toward the house. Then he turned, still watching the window where the dog was barking, and slowly, deliberately pooped.

Coyote sending a clear message to The Dog!

Coyote sending a clear message to The Dog!

Happy snow day!

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