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It snowed again last week and we all complained. More snow?!? It was a heavy, wet snow, and I was glad that the Maffei guys would be coming to plow my driveway. It has been the pattern that a sodden snow is followed by frigid weather, so everything that is melting turns to ice…sigh…it happened again last week. Yuck.

And yet…

Tonight I took the dog out for his last walk of the evening. The moon made the snow sparkle, creating a tiny, magical light show. Snow was plastered on one side of every tree so the landscape is half black, half white, harlequin style. Stars twinkle overhead, dried grasses poke out of the snow, and the air is cold crisp. Right here, right now, all is frosty and beautiful.

I would enjoy winter so much more if I could avoid what has happened in the past and what I long for in the future. Every season would be perfect if I could hold onto what is.

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