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Report From PIA – September 8

My husband gave me a card today that quotes Nelson Eddy: “We come from the earth, we return to the earth, and in-between we garden.” Nicely put, Nelson!

Today, I was planting like crazy, but not in the ground. I sent an article to a spiritual publication, I worked on a silly garden video featuring a weed puppet (more about this once it’s up on youtube), and worked on the spiral temporary art in the fragrance garden.

The stone spiral is a way to deal with something ugly. I’ve often written what my mother, a retired interior designer, said to me once: “If you have a visual problem, accentuate it.”

In the fragrance garden there’s a large visual problem in the form of a six-foot by six-foot cement square. It was next to the back walkway when we bought the house. We pushed it out into the garden because we hope, should we ever have enough money, to put a hot tub on it. A hot tub in the middle of a garden filled with fragrant things…sounds great, right?

As much as I can envision the hot tub there, right now all we have is a large piece of cement…pretty ugly. So we’ve started to make a stone spiral with the Cape Cod rocks we have in abundance. It’s a peaceful activity, lining them all up into a seaside mandala.

This rock design will only be there until the dog tears across it in pursuit of a chipmunk, or until the child of a guest decides to rearrange it. I’m hoping that some of the other things I’ve planted today will germinate, grow and be more permanent then this rock collection. But whether they do or not, I’ll continue to garden in as many ways as I can.

The square of cement is pretty ugly...

The square of cement is pretty ugly...

but a spiral of stones is really lovely.

but a spiral of stones is really lovely.

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