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Report From PIA – September 23 – on assignment in Raleigh, NC

I went to the “first timer’s reception” at the Garden Writers meeting today. Those who are at this annual event for the first time gathered with others, like myself, who are willing to mentor the newbies. Kirk Brown, dressed as plant collector John Bartram, gave an energetic presentation that repeated the refrain, “Fall is the best time to gather seeds for the coming season.”

As readers of this blog know, I’ve decided to begin gathering seeds this fall, by posting a daily Report from Poison Ivy Acres. My four seasons of conscious cultivation has begun in September, and I do hope that it will prove the ideal time of year to begin what I want to grow.

There are some things, however, that know no season. It is always the appropriate time to invite God into your life; it is always the perfect moment to say yes to spirit. The decision to begin to exercise, read more, cook healthy, fresh meals, or learn a new skill can be made anytime.

Many seeds rely on seasonal clues to trigger their germination, but those things that you and I want to grow outside of the garden are not dependant on a cold spell or increasing hours of daylight. We can make the commitment to growth at any point in our lives.

We are gatherers of seeds, now, in the fall, and anytime during the year. Ideas, inspirations, connections, and resolve: we have the potential to grow it all.

In April, my shed was filled with plants I was growing from seed, many of them from seeds collected the previous fall.  As the growing season ends, it’s time to think about what we want to plant next spring.

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