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Report From PIA – October 27

I was clearing out the veggie garden the other day, pulling up weeds and frosted bean plants. When I reached the middle of the garden, I discovered a row of beets, lost among the wild growth.

There weren’t enough beets to feed us for very long, certainly, but there were several and I made a tasty beet soup from the bunch. If I’d left the weeding and clearing for next spring I would have missed those tiny treasures.

That evening I met with a four other women who are members of the Barnstable Education Foundation. We were sorting through grant proposals, deciding which ones best met the foundation guidelines for support.

Because we’re a new organization, we can’t afford to fund every one of the excellent proposals, so deciding which ones would make the cut was hard work. As we chatted before and after this process, however, I marveled at how smart, talented, and delightful these women are. They are people that I never would have known, had I not said yes to devoting time to this foundation. Knowing them enriches my life.

I’ve found that in the garden and in life, when we commit to something positive that requires effort, there are unexpected gifts that appear.

Fresh red and golden beets, almost lost to the weeds.

Fresh red and golden beets, almost lost to the weeds.

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