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Report From PIA – November 5

Every day the sun seems to be noticeably lower in the sky. Sunset comes earlier, and because of the angle of the light, the evening landscapes are more dramatic. Today I looked out at the woods around 3:30, and the leaf-carpeted ground was striped with the shadows of trees.

This got me thinking of the idiom “cast a long shadow.” We use this figure of speech when we’re talking about something or someone who has significant influence on other people or events. In this sense, we all cast shadows, and we should consider if we’re providing a welcoming shade, or an ominous gloom.

I’d like to throw shadows that remind people that individuals have the power to grow good things, in our gardens, our individual lives, and our communities. Spreading a love of plants and gardening is a goal, as is the desire to recall the ways that everything is connected. I hope that whatever shadows I cast are welcoming oases, surrounded by light, but know that too frequently I fall short of that objective.

I lean toward positive purpose, not always on course, but grateful for reminders such as the shadows of trees, and a November afternoon.

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