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Report From PIA – December 14

You have to admire plants for their willingness to grow. In a crack in asphalt, bit of soil underneath larger plants, or even in the crotches of trees, there will be a plant that’s ready to grow there. We love this can-do attitude when we’re trying to get something green to grow in between the pavers of our patio, or in that hot, dry space out by the mailbox. It’s less endearing when those eager to grow are the weeds in our perennial beds and driveways.

As gardeners we spend our time trying to grow the plants we want, and uprooting those we don’t. When I cleared my flowerbeds recently, I pulled out numerous weeds that were hiding among my annuals and perennials. Now that I’m spending a couple of days in a city, I notice all of the plants growing in the most unlikely locations.

In and out of the garden, the willingness to thrive in less than ideal circumstances is a reminder, an occasion for prayer.  “Help me to be like these plants: willing to take advantage of every opportunity, and eager to grow.”

Even in the most inhospitable locations, plants will thrive.

Even in the most inhospitable locations, plants will thrive.

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