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Report From PIA – December 22

Winter is a season of contrasts: white snow, black tree trunks, and luminous, colorful sunsets. I love the feeling of the cold air on my cheeks, and hate having to wear a coat when I go out. It’s frigid outdoors, and the woodstove is toasty warm inside.

I love having a time when I don’t have to weed or worry if there’s been enough rain. I hate not being able to pick fresh vegetables for dinner. A good snowfall makes me feel like a kid with the day off from school; having to be careful on icy sidewalks finds me walking like a fearful old person.

It’s annoying not to be able to sit with my coffee or wine on the deck; I appreciate being able to focus on my writing, some meditation, and reading some of the books piled by my armchair.

Winter is a season of contrasts, and I want to say yes to it all.

I love the colors of winter evenings.

I love the colors of winter evenings.

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