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Report From PIA – December 24

Early this morning my husband downloaded the photos from the Bird Cam that’s on our feeder. When I came down for coffee, he said, “Look at the computer,” so I went to the kitchen desk and clicked to bring the screen up. There was a photo of a group of bluebirds. Without this picture documenting their presence, we’d never have known that they’d flown through.

Henry David Thoreau is often quoted as saying “The bluebird carries the sky on his back,” but I have not yet tracked down where this quote comes from. Was he merely speaking about the color of the bird, or was he also saying that they carry their home, the place where they are most free, with them?

On this day when many people are traveling home, staying home, or thinking of home, I hope that you also carry that internal space of shelter and safety, your spiritual heart and the place where you are most free, with you wherever you go.   Blessings & Peace.

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