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Report From PIA – December 25

I love holidays because they bring people together, and usually these gatherings involve food. A conversation with a dinner guest last night, and a facebook post by Kelly Norris, started me thinking today about the connection between gardening and cooking.

It’s been my experience that most gardeners love to cook. I’ve written previously about the ways that gardening and cooking are related, but beyond the similarities as creative activities, both pursuits also bring people together in celebratory ways.

Gardeners who have created beautiful gardens like to share what they’ve grown with others, and everyone rejoices when they’re surrounded by delightful landscapes. And similarly, when we’ve cooked a lovely and delicious meal, it tastes better when we can share it with friends and family. In both cases the gardener and cook’s experience is enhanced when the result of their labors is shared.

It is satisfying to create something that’s pleasing, but it’s even more enjoyable to share what we’ve made with others.

I was blessed to have good friends at our table tonight.

I was blessed to have good friends at our table tonight.

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