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Report From PIA – December 28

I did a few home repair/installation projects today, and once again marveled at how many trips to the basement are required for such things. It’s the same in gardening…when I’m ready to plant containers, say, or work in the perennial garden, I always have to make numerous trips to the garden shed for pruners, my Cobra Head weeding tool, or garden gloves. There is some sort of Universal Law that you’ll never have all of the right tools the first or second time around.

But as I was making yet another excursion downstairs for the right size drill bit, I was thinking, “This is just what it takes.”

I went to the gym today, and changing clothes, remembering a water bottle and an ipod full of David Sedaris and motivating music is just what’s required for me to be able to spend time on the treadmill and weight machines.

After working out, I went shopping for food, and am prepared to cook tomorrow morning, afternoon and evening because that is what it takes to be able to serve delicious, home made food to my company.

In addition to cooking, tomorrow I’ll be writing and picking images for some talks that I have booked in the next two months. I need to be sure that each presentation has different images from all others, so that on the off chance that someone who attends one of my appearances might come to others, he or she won’t see the same photographs. It takes a great deal do time, but I’m willing to put the effort in to make each talk shine.

In and out of the garden, if we want a particular result, we need to be willing to do what it takes.

Most garden projects involve many trips to the shed....

Most garden projects involve many trips to the shed....

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