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Report From PIA – December 31

Back in the day I hated New Year’s Eve. It seemed that people would get together simply for forced merriment. So some thirty-five years ago I, my husband and friends started gathering for a stay-at-home turning of the year. Now I love this annual celebration. I love gathering every year with the same family, adding friends and significant others over the years. I like that this is a holiday celebrated in most of the world over a 24 hour period. Being older, I value an annual “check in” with myself and the coming year as well.

Our New Year’s celebration revolves around food and the outdoors when we’re on the Cape. We had a bonfire down by the lake last night, Jesse rendered beef fat on the barbeque for making fries (?!?) and this morning we walked on Sandy Neck beach. As I type at the kitchen table the room is filled with busy cooks: the drinks team mixes cocktails, the side dish group chops, and the main course guys put meats in the oven.  I was on the dessert team, and earlier we finished two types of pies and three flavors of homemade ice cream.

As they hand me a drink, know that I’m toasting to your health, growth, and good gardening in the coming year.

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