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Report From PIA – January 3

More snow, off and on all day. It was the type of flurry that made me feel like I was in a snow globe and someone had just given it a good shake. Because we stay home and wait out such weather, winter can make us feel like we’re contained in a glass sphere and held close. This can be cozy and claustrophobic. Not to mention isolating.

It’s good to hunker down, sometimes, and gather ourselves inward. But the Snow Globe Effect can be dividing, and it reinforces our natural tendencies to be self-involved. I’m glad that winter doesn’t last twelve months a year, and equally grateful that this season reminds me that being active, getting out with other people and into different environments is a good thing. I recall that this is another reason to look forward to spring.

I don’t want to live in a snow globe, but it’s good to feel the snugness of home…and it’s also beneficial to shake things up now and then.

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