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Report From PIA – January 10

Today I did two things that I don’t do often enough. I went to church, and took my dog for a walk at a local dog haunt. At the Barnstable Unitarian Sunday services, Kristen Harper gave a thoughtful and moving sermon about the New Year. Later, when I was walking the dog, I met friendly people who were willing to celebrate absolute delight.

Kristen’s reading this morning began with a poem by Mary Oliver that ended with “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”    Good question.

Because the New Year is a time for reflection about the past and the future, Kristen spoke about the importance of knowing if you are living abundantly, or if you are merely growing old. She spoke of the difference between making New Year’s resolutions, compared with New Year’s consecrations.

A consecration is defined as, “a solemn commitment of your life or your time to some cherished purpose.” A New Year’s consecration means we are resolved, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, to live with great meaning and purpose. We are dedicated to living abundantly, not just growing old.

I felt that I was living a plentiful life today both at church and when I walked The Dog at Eagle Pond. As I walked Riley, I met two groups of dog owners who were sociable people with friendly dogs. We all enjoyed the exercise, the crisp air, and the joyful pets. Dogs are completely in the moment, and the people and pets that ran around the pond today were all fully present and happy to be there.

Abundance is often thought of in terms of material goods or riches, but as a gardener, I know that it’s about the willingness to cultivate good things. This New Year, I want to consecrate my wild and precious life, my time and attention, to being joyful, to conscious cultivation, and to connections with others.

I want my live my life as abundantly as the Martha's Vineyard Farmers Market.

I want my live my life as abundantly as the Martha's Vineyard Farmers Market.

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