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Report From PIA – January 13

I’ve been tagged!  A Yard & A Half Landscaping, over at A Blog & A Half, has tagged me with The Honest Scrap Award.

The rules are that if you’ve been tagged, you list 10 honest things about yourself, then tag seven other bloggers to play along.

Why would I want to participate? Well, you know that I love things that connect people, and this is one that is playful. I appreciate the whimsical nature of the project, and am glad that only 10 things are required…this forces me to not ramble. My focus in this, honestly, is about myself as a gardener. Perhaps some of you can relate.

1.  I always wear gloves when I garden, and my favorite type is SunGrips, from Garden Works.

2.  I find the best way to garden is to have a stretch of time and without expectation of how much I will get done in that period. In other words, if I go out intending to prune, and end up weeding, it’s all good.

3.  In the mal-pruning department, I hate Forsythia that are sheared so that they look like giant yellow Q-Tips.

4.  Hot weather makes me cranky. (Ask my husband.)

5.  My favorite flowering plant is whatever I looked at ten minutes ago.

6.  I can be so patient with little seedlings, yet so impatient with other people. To those who have worked with me and experienced this, I apologize. To those who haven’t yet experienced this, I ask for forgiveness in advance. I’m working on it.

7.  I love the colors in the winter evening sky. It’s worth putting up with winter just to see what the low-setting sun does with color and light.

8.  One of my core beliefs is that we all have the power, as individuals in our communities, to grow good things…in gardens and elsewhere.

9.   Yes, I’m not afraid to say it: there is nothing uglier than an undeadheaded Stella D’Oro daylily. Unless it’s a sheared juniper….kind of a tossup.

10.  Maybe it’s because God hangs out there, or because they epitomize the circle of life, but I find gardens to be very healing places.


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