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Report From PIA – January 15

It was in the mid-forties today, and the snow began disappearing. The ice on the driveway that I’ve so carefully stepped across when walking The Dog is gone…yes!

It’s not the end of winter, and there are still white mounds where the shoveling and plowing piled snow after the last storm. Spring is not in sight, yet this warmer weather is oh so welcome. I watch the robins pecking in the newly exposed lawn and garden, and imagine that they are rejoicing too.

A thaw isn’t a change of season and it isn’t permanent, but it offers a moment of relief and a reminder that the cold won’t last forever. As I look out at the garden, I wonder if there are areas in my life that need to soften as well. Am I too attached to selling the book I’ve been working on, and am I not being flexible enough to recognize other paths and opportunities?

Just as a warm spell allows us a brief glimpse of the spring that will soon come, I also understand that it’s important to watch for other openings and seasons of growth.

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