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Report From PIA – January 21

Today I roasted a 30 pound turkey so that we can take it to my mother-in-law’s 90th birthday party. (Shhhhhhh! It’s a suprise!)  It was so heavy that I could hardly haul it out of the hot oven without burning myself, and as I tottered toward the counter the heat came through the potholder and I had to draw my left hand away. The pan clattered down on the butcher block, hard, and the turkey jumped out of the pan and skittered across the wood and onto the cook top.

Not so bad, you’re thinking…at least it wasn’t on the floor. But the juice and fat from the pan and the cavity of the bird went  out over butcher block and onto the stove top, spilled over the floor and into the drawers beneath.  As I tried to contain the spills and get the turkey back into the pan, I realized that the bird had turned on a burner of the cooktop when it hit the knob, and now the liquid was dripping down into the electrical works. Smell of burning electricity, and then the stove went dead.

I have no idea if the cooktop is OK or not…I’m afraid to turn on the circuit breaker that tripped as a result of the liquid.

As I waited for reinforcements (husband and dog) I decided that the best antidote was to learn something new. So I took out my Flip video camera, went out to the bell arbor, and recorded the bells. It’s shaky, and the evening light is dim, editing is poor because I’m not used to Quicktime, I have had a hard time figuring out file size but here it is, my attempt to turnaround the day.

Hmmmm – maybe the time after a turkey disaster is the moment to go to the familiar, not the new. I can’t get the blasted video to post. Stay tuned.

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