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Report From PIA – January 22

We drove down to NYC today in preparation for Nonna’s birthday party tomorrow. All the way down I looked out the window, searching for something to write about tonight. In sections along I-95 there were patches of English ivy run amuck… should I blog about how something that seems like a good idea can get out of hand? I saw rocky outcrops where small trees and shrubs were sprouting in the cracks, thriving in little or no soil. Maybe I could write about things that grow against all odds.  Neither of these seemed right.

At 7 PM we gathered at a restaurant on 57th street for a family dinner. There were nine of us around the table, and ate, talked and laughed. It has been awhile since this group gathered and nurtured our connectedness.

I got up to go to the ladies room, and there I found my blog post. The walls were covered with lipstick kisses and messages of endearment. And above this ever-evolving artwork was a shelf with a watering can on it. “Looking for a message that ties gardening to life?” it seemed to ask, “Here it is!” Love is everywhere, but it needs to be cultivated.

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