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Report From PIA – February 4

Today at the New England Grows event I attended a Garden Writers of America regional meeting. This group, the GWA, is poorly named as the members are not only writers, but photographers, speakers and other garden communicators. That said, the Northeast Regional meeting was helpful to most attendees I think.

Our speaker was Richard Banfield of Fresh Tilled Soil, and by the end of the event we were all smitten with him. He spoke about how we could improve our marketing and general way of doing business in this time when the old models are crumbling and it’s all happening on-line. I came away with several action items in my notes, and one of them had to do with polling blog readers about what they want to see in future posts.

I am dedicated to writing both about gardening and how the landscape connects with the rest of our lives. But I’m also open to hearing if you want something else. Do the readers of this blog need more direct gardening information, plant talk or other instruction and tips? Am I too philosophical or personal here?

Let me know what you think, in comments, by email or through facebook.

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