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Report From PIA – February 9

A snowstorm is predicted for tomorrow, with a total accumulation of 5 to 9 inches. Some forecasters say more, of course, because when they hype total snow amounts that means that people will keep watching or listening to their station. That’s the All-Fear News as Paul Gorman used to call it.

My response has not been fear, but denial. A snowstorm? No. It can’t happen. The sun is warmer, the days are getting longer, and I’ve just ordered my vegetable seeds. My daffodils are poking out of the ground, for God’s sakes, so how can it still be winter?

Clearly, I’m delusional. It’s only early February, and global warming or not, it’s still possible for snowstorms to roll in from now through March.

The larger issue here is the tendency, mine and may I assume yours, to resist what is. “It is what it is,” is an expression that’s in vogue, but it’s usually said with an air of sad resignation, not acceptance.  Or, dare I say it, peace. In fact, many popular sources say that this phrase means “Fuck it.” Period.

What makes us resist how things are, even when it’s all beyond our control? Is it possible to come to a place where we can tranquilly say, “It is what it is.”? I’m working on it, starting with tomorrow’s snowfall.

Part of me wants to celebrate every snowfall, but the larger portion says, “No. No more, I’m ready for spring.”

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