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Report From PIA – February 10

As I plan, optimistically, for my 2010 gardens, I remind myself that none of it is a sure thing. The season might be wet and cold again, so the tomatoes will get late blight. Or it could be the hottest, driest summer on record.

My seeds might not sprout, or I might have glorious germination and every plant will grow. Ditto for the weeds. I ask myself if it would be any fun if I knew that everything I put in the garden was sure to grow. I’m tempted to answer that yes, it would be fantastic.

Would we like everything we try and grow in our lives to be a sure thing? Maybe not. If I had instantly gotten the appearances I wanted when I first began speaking, I wouldn’t have had the time to improve my skills. On the other hand, if I knew today that I would never get the gigs I’m still aiming for, would that change what I’m doing now? I can honestly answer no, because I love the speaking, writing and radio that I’m currently doing.

Either way, however, it would make things pretty uninteresting if I knew the outcome. I believe that challenge is a good thing, and trying to push the limits in the garden and our lives is fun. Having something to strive for makes life more exciting.

No matter what we’re cultivating, it there is no sure thing. Isn’t that wonderful?

When the shriveled Virginia bluebell roots arrived, I wasn't sure that they'd spout and grow. This is a tough plant to sell in the garden center as well, because they go dormant shortly after they finish blooming.... it's hard to sell an empty pot! Not a sure thing, but a leap of faith, perhaps.

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