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Report From PIA – February 11

We gardeners are all about transformation. We believe we can take a patch of weed-filled earth (let’s face it – there is seldom bare soil) or a boring lawn, and turn it into a foliage and flower-filled delight. My husband and I, for example, turned the ordinary turf entry to our house into a garden.

The weather transforms our landscape in all seasons, as it did at Poison Ivy Acres this morning. Early on everything was plastered with a coating of icy snow closely resembling cement. “I’ll blog about transformation,” I thought later as the skies cleared and the sun began to melt the coating.

Today gave me an opportunity to change my mind as surely as that snow changed the look of my garden shed. The guys that I’d counted on to plow my driveway didn’t show up. This after I called one of them yesterday, to check that their trucks were working and that I could count on them to help me out.

By one o’clock, with drive still not plowed, I decided to call. They claimed broken equipment, and said that they couldn’t come. All afternoon I complained in my mind. “I checked with John yesterday and he assured me you’d be here!” I thought. “You could have at least called me, so I could set something else up.”

I found a wonderful guy to plow the drive (Craigslist) and hired him for future snowplowing, so the situation was under control everywhere but in my mind. I fumed and protested all afternoon, having imaginary conversations with landscapers who didn’t show up.

Finally, just after five o’clock, I realized that some personal transformation was in order. Enough! I told my mind, and every time it started down that you-could-have-at-least-called-me road, I purposefully turned my thoughts to gratitude. Thank you for Jim who came to plow when I called. Thank you for the chance to see the garden and shed with new eyes. Thank you for the sunset that’s transforming the sky, and for my ability to watch it as I sit working in my warm house.

My mind is finally quiet.

We gardeners are all about transformation.

Yes, I dreaded the coming snow, but yes, I loved seeing what the storm did to the landscape.

Here's a reminder of how the front of our property looked three years ago.

This is the same area last summer. A transformation, wouldn't you say?

Thank you, thank you , thank you.

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