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Report From PIA – February 16

I listened to an NSA tele-seminar with marketing expert and coach Terry Brock today, where he talked about the many wonderful ways to digitally record presentations or put on a talk using technology such as Skype. In and out of the garden, it’s a whole new world.

And this being Whole Life Gardening, it’s appropriate to think about how this all might grow. I’m imagining, for example, an entire new way of holding a garden tour.

Sure, it will always be better to walk around a garden and experience the sights, sounds, and fragrances of the landscape. But what about those people in other parts of the country who can’t attend? Consider those elderly gardeners in nursing homes who can no longer get out and see the flowerbeds that they’ve always loved?

I’m thinking Skype is the answer. Take a video, or photographs of the garden, and connect with all of those who couldn’t walk through the landscape on tour day. The nursing homes and assisted living facilities can have a computer and an LCD projector, and after the tour everyone can ask the gardener questions.

From tours to talks and individual garden coaching, I’m seeing a whole new world…and here on Whole Life Gardening, I hope that it all germinates and grows.

Think about it... I could take photos of the process of creating a garden, make a Keynote (or Power Point) presentation about it, and show a Skype audience how Poison Ivy Acres has developed over the past three years. Follow that up with questions and feedback from the audience!

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