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Report From PIA – February 22

My husband says that the birds are singing spring songs in the morning, and although I believe him, the landscape tells me that spring is not around the corner. I see open water on the lake, but the part of the pond that abuts Poison Ivy Acres is still frozen.

Sometimes life is one step forward and another step back. Or so it seems… one of my sons learned today that he is going to be laid off. The economy may be recovering, but jobs are still being lost.

We tell him the truth: we believe in him, and hope that he will use this event to move forward. We encourage him to see this as an opportunity, not a set back. At the same time, we realize that this isn’t something that is welcomed.

I know that spring and better days are on their way. But even as I acknowledge that winter and the recession are on the decline, it doesn’t seem to be moving fast enough.

It might be difficult sometimes, but I know that it's best to focus on the open water, not the expanse of ice.

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