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Report From PIA – February 25

Today I met with Terry Gavin, the gardener/web person who helps me with my website. She mentioned that for the longest time she wondered what PIA stood for. Report From PIA – did PIA stand for Pain In the Ass?

I laughed out loud. She’s not alone in wondering. I’ve had several people tell me that for the longest time they wondered what PIA stood for. Perennials Instead of Annuals? Pretty Inefficient Advertising?

I decided to make the title of my daily posts Report From PIA, instead of Repot From Poison Ivy Acres, simply because I liked how it sounded. I’m a writer and a speaker, so please forgive me if I get caught up in how a phrase is heard.

Beyond my Pretty Incomprehensible Abbreviations, Terry’s comment reminded me that there are many means of interpretation, be they of initials or landscapes. We all see things though our own eyes, and filter through our own opinions and experiences. Is it impossible to truly say that this version or method is right, and that one is not?

Further creative suggestions for the meaning of PIA are invited and welcomed.

Some would see this as a tidy evergreen shrub with pretty red berries, while others deduce that it's a holly that was misplaced, and has been badly pruned.

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