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Report From PIA – March 2

So last night, I was in the ER, hooked up to a heart monitor, IV and oxygen. I was holding my phone up, trying to get a photo that captured the moment, when the nurse walked in and said, “What are you doing?”  “I’m taking a picture to send to my son, so he can update my blog for me,” I replied. “We don’t get many people in here who are thinking about their blog,” the nurse answered, shaking her head.

The hospital staff did not know that I’m a gardener, and as such, I want to grow what I want, when I want it. If I live where banana’s or figs aren’t hardy, I’ll grow them in containers and bring them in for the winter. If I don’t have enough garden space in the sun, I’ll put that rose garden in pots on the sunny deck, and if I am determined to update this blog every day, I’ll find a way (Thanks, Sasha!) to do so.

We may not always be successful in cultivating what we wish to grow, but when determined, we can usually come close, especially when we’re willing to be flexible about the process.

A rose garden can be grown in pots. I overwintered these in an unheated shed, pulling them out in late March before they broke dormancy.

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