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Report From PIA – March 5

It was sunny in central Wisconsin today, but I understand that it was snowing at Poison Ivy Acres. Throughout the country, be the skies clear or cloudy, we are all itching for spring. Yes, we want to go out without coats, see bulbs in bloom and prepare for summer gardens. But I think that underneath all of this is a longing for renewal.

I don’t know about you, but I want rejuvenation in many areas of my life. I desire revitalization in my writing, speaking, and marriage. I want to be spiritually restored.

It is truly possible, I believe, to use the energy of the spring season, that force of rebirth, in these and all other aspects of our lives. The first time I was made aware of this was in the 1980’s, when we lived in New York’s Hudson Valley. Early one morning I went out on my deck and stood gazing at the woodland to the side of our property. All of the wild shrubs and trees had the faintest blush of new, green growth.

Suddenly, I felt a rush of energy running through me. It was as if I’d gulped down a dozen cups of coffee. I gripped the rail that ran around the deck, and looked at the plants, somehow knowing that they were sending this force my way. I knew that we might not feel the same physical liveliness every spring, but we can tap into the powers that are inherent in each season.

We’re not just pleased about the approach of spring because we can plant, wear fewer clothes, and see flowers. We anxiously await this season because if we pay attention, we can absorb and use this powerful energy of renewal.

No, this is not how it looks in Wisconsin or at Poison Ivy Acres. This is what we long for. Epimedium and daffodils...oh, yes.

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