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Report From PIA – March 6 – On Assignment in Chicago

I walked though the Chicago Flower and Garden Show today, enjoying the many exhibits and, of course, all the colorful flowers. It wasn’t the gardens that wowed me today, however, but the table arrangements.

Although the theme is a table setting, these compositions aren’t your average china and silver settings with a centerpiece. No…they’re an imaginative riot of flowers, plant material and color. All of these over the top, creative works of art made me smile with delight.

These arrangements clearly conveyed the pleasure that those who made them felt in their creation. Those who designed and built these displays clearly had fun. Don’t we all do better work when we are enjoying our efforts?

This reminds of the Guy Clark song that goes,

You got to sing like you don’t need the money,

Love like you’ll never get hurt.

You got to dance like nobody’s watchin’,

It’s gotta come from the heart if you want it to work.

Whether we’re planting gardens, writing blogs, or creating a display for a flower show, when it comes from the heart and we’re enjoying what we do, that spirit and pleasure comes through. So our challenge is to think about how to bring more fun and heart into everything we do.

Hairspray was the theme of this table, and it was a romp through the world of hair. Curlers, wigs, and hairy floral creations, along with humorous place cards, made this entry laugh-out-loud enjoyable.

Mosses, pebbles, and flowers, flowers, flowers were combined in this enchanting table display.

Broadway shows was the overall theme of this year's Chicago flower show, and Little Shop of Horrors was celebrated on this table arrangement. All of us who have occasionally felt that our plants are a little too demanding can relate.

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