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Report From PIA – March 10

It was the third day above fifty degrees in this area, and it’s amazing to see how the plants are responding. As I walked around Poison Ivy Acres with The Dog I saw emerging tips of daylily foliage, blooming crocus and many weeds. The chickweed and assorted grasses are green and growing, despite nighttime temperatures that dip into the twenties.

I also spent some time in the car today, driving to the garden center, the bank and the post office. During these errands I found myself frowning at a woman who pretty much ignored a stop sign when I had the right of way, grumbling at a member of The Slow Drivers Society, and cursing at the guy in a pickup truck who was riding my bumper. I realized that I am, without a doubt, a cranky, judgmental driver.

All of my frowns, grumbles and curses do nothing to improve others’ driving habits, nor do they do anything to enhance my day. What would happen if I treated such less-than-perfect drivers as if I knew and loved them? I wouldn’t be grumbling and swearing if I knew that one of my sons was behind the wheel of that other car.

I’ve resolved to try to smile and wave with recognition when I come across such drivers in the future. Why? Because it will enrich my experience, and I’m sure that like a pebble tossed in the pond, this will spread like ripples in the water. If everything is connected to everything else, it’s far better not to put more crankiness into the world.

The weeds and crocus in my garden find a way to grow and flower given the smallest encouragement of three sunny days, and despite below freezing nights.  Why couldn’t I do the same? I just have to find a way to put those crocus into my car as a reminder…

I should print this photo and hang it in my car...

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