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Report From PIA – March 22

I heard a story on a New York radio station today about how JetBlue has decided to keep its headquarters in New York. The spokesman being interviewed said that there were good opportunities for “co-branding” with New York City.

“Co-branding” is clearly the new “partnering.”  Basically, it’s about joining together for the betterment of both parties…nothing new here. Not only have companies such as Eddie Bauer and Ford been doing this for years, but plants have been in bed with fungi, so to speak, forever.

Mycorrhizae fungi form a mutually beneficial relationship with the roots of most species of plant. The fungus gets a more constant access to carbohydrates from the plants, and the plant gets an auxiliary system that helps it to absorb water and nutrients. Win, win!

Bloggers and those with websites are co-branding all the time. We link to, and comment on, each other’s sites with increasing frequency. An example that crossed my email box today is Susan Harris’s new Garden Center Blogger site. Here, garden writers are joining together to provide work for themselves, and social media content/advertising for garden centers.

Whether we use the latest trendy term or not, helping each other out is as old as fungi, but always a good idea. Let’s be each other’s auxiliary root system.

A few days ago I posted a photo of this part of Poison Ivy Acres and Marnie (over at commented that to be fair, the beauty of the stone walls enhanced my gardens and vice versa. My garden is co-partnering with the walls and fence!

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