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Report From PIA – March 30

Today was too stormy to work in the garden, but I could have used some meditative weeding, that’s for sure.

Did you ever have a day that seems to have a theme to it? Say the morning starts with the carton of eggs falling out of the refrigerator and shells and yolks end all over the kitchen floor…and after work you rush to the post office and arrive two minutes after they lock the door? The kind of day when you can almost hear someone in the background saying, “Today’s theme is Frustration!”

My theme today was Things Not Going Well. The details of what didn’t go favorably aren’t important to anyone else, and in the grand scheme of things they’ll end up being trivial even to me. Some days are just like that, right?

What’s interesting is to think about how we respond in such situations.

Whether what goes wrong is of our doing or not, our reactions can determine how it all proceeds from that point on. And that moment when we decide to go with one response over another is so fleeting, so fast, and it can be very difficult to react from a place of calm or peace instead of hurt, pride, ego or fatigue.

Sometimes I am very good about reacting from that centered position of calm, and other times I am so far from that place that calm looks like a distant, barely visible planet.

I have to believe that we can learn to lean more toward Planet Tranquility, and cultivate our residence there.

I really could have used some gardening time today, but there is just too much rain. The wet weather gives me the opportunity to look at the landscape enjoy the beauty of the rain garden filled with water, perhaps, instead of just diving in and working the land.

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