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Report From PIA – April 8

We’ve had an amazing stretch of warm weather, better than many days in a typical June in this coastal region. Usually we wear winter coats in April, with the pockets filled with tissues to dab at noses made runny by cold, off-ocean winds. May and June can be dicey too, so this weather is to be savored, but not taken for granted.

It’s difficult not to assume that this will continue, or that next week we’ll be back to the winter-like sea breeze. The weather will be what it will be. Stay in the moment, I remind myself, thinking that if I was really in the moment I wouldn’t need such prompting, and this little self chiding takes me even further away from the warm sun and the plants that are fairly leaping out of the ground.

Gardening is good training in being present, and focusing on what is. I planted some Juniperus procumbens nana today, and every time my mind wandered, I brought my attention back to the shovel slicing into the ground, the way the plant slid cleanly out of the plastic pot, and the warmth of the sun on my back as I worked. Being right here, right now requires as much effort as it takes to keep the garden cleared of weeds.

Note to self: set up the PlantCam from and start recording the garden's progress. This variegated willow is different every day!

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