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Report From PIA – April 11

I spoke to the Sandwich Garden Club today, and on a table at the side of the room was a lovely display of daffodil blooms, a one flower placed in each bottle of water. “I’m doing this when I get home,” I thought, so I ended the day by picking daffodils.

There is something so pleasing about a single stem placed in a glass bottle. Although the lineup is pleasing, it’s also possible to appreciate every flower singularly, and admire each distinctive bloom. We do this in the landscape all the time when we’re pleased with the overall look of the garden, but equally delighted with each separate plant.

We can take this gardener’s sensibility into the rest of life, and that’s a good thing I think. In our families, churches, and communities, we can be thankful for that group of people, yet value each person individually as well.

My display of beautiful spring Narcissus reminds me to appreciate the people in my life, collectively, and one by one.

I started out thinking that I'd pick one flower of every type of daffodil that was blooming at Poison Ivy Acres... after cutting eleven, I knew that I should stop. The daffodil selection that we got from Bent and Becky's bulbs is so diverse and beautiful that it would take fifty bottles to hold all the flowers if I cut every one.

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