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Report From PIA – April 12

When it comes to gardening, are there seven degrees of separation or less? The other day I was contacted on facebook by someone who found me by googling “gardening and politics.”

Interesting. True, some of my posts have mentioned politics…this is Whole Life Gardening, after all, and politics are part of life. I am not shy about declaring my more-than-liberal leanings, nor do I hesitate to state that these proclivities may not be yours.

In my garden and in this blog I explore how everything is connected to everything else. But this friend request got me thinking about how many other areas of life we can make clear links to gardening.

Gardening and cooking, pets and photography have obvious connections, but if I google “gardening and parenting” or “gardening and spirituality” what comes up? A great deal, it turns out. Whether it’s an article about gardening with children, or another about gardening as spiritual practice, there are many connections to be made.

A search for “gardening and yoga” leads to many books on the topic, and even “gardening and firearms” calls up a magazine called Garden & Gun. We can easily connect the garden with just about any aspect of our lives, which is not such a surprise since all of life is dependant on plants after all.

The important thing is that we all affirm that we are connected. Republicans, Democrats, Muslims, Catholics, Unitarians, Parents, Children, NRA Members, Gun Control Advocates, and gardeners, we are all here together. Knowing that we are linked by fewer than seven degrees, let’s affirm our connectedness and create something wonderful.

My garden contains a mix of plants and stone. Annuals, perennials, shrubs and weeds grow here, and it is constantly changing. Why should we expect our lives or the world to be any different?

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