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Report From PIA – April 15

To be alive means we exist with paradox.  We need to get comfortable with, or at least acknowledge the constant presence of inconsistency, because contradictions are a part of life.

My friend Jeffrey Thomas stopped by today and we talked about the life we each want to create. He was seeing Poison Ivy Acres for the first time, and commented that gardening here, and doing what I already do, might be satisfying enough.

He’s right…and wrong. If I knew that what I am doing right now would be the life I’d live for the rest of my time on this earth, it would be more than sufficient. I am blessed.

But I want to accomplish more. Is it greedy to want to make a difference in the world? Am I being gluttonous in my desire to encourage people to be thoughtful about building a whole life, or my goal to create more successful gardeners? Is it be possible to add my voice to support those activities and viewpoints that I view as life affirming and constructive?

This is where paradox comes in for all of us, I think. In our gardens, in politics and national affairs…in our communities and family life, we need to find a way to either be absolutely satisfied with what we have at the present moment, or to be living in the moment while working toward something better.

It's easy to see that we make a difference in our landscapes. If a garden isn't planted, weeded, and mulched it won't look good at any time of the year let alone in the spring. In our gardens, in all seasons, we are constantly called to appreciate what we have right now, and required to work toward maintaining what we have and planting for the future. In our gardens and lives, we cultivate paradox.

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