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Report From PIA – April 16

One of the reasons we love the spring is that it is the absolute embodiment of hope. In this season we trust that every seed we plant will sprout and thrive. We expect our gardens to be glorious and we look forward to surroundings that are abundant with growth and blooms.

Why shouldn’t we be hopeful and optimistic? Whether it’s the beginning of the growing season or any point in the year, it’s possible to feel positive even as we realize that work and uncertainty lie ahead. That same amount of effort and ambiguity would be there if we approached the future with pessimism and despair, so why not choose to walk with hope instead?

We are blessed to experience spring, the season of rebirth and faith. We are challenged, at the same time, to walk forward knowing that we have a hand in cultivating these expectations. Everything in our gardens and lives may be primed to grow, but our continual attention may determine the ultimate outcome.

As I go through the weekend, I’ll be asking each sign of hope and faith to nourish me, and remind me of my responsibility for what I wish to grow.

Planting pea seeds is the ultimate expression of hope and faith. We put them in the ground when the air is still raw and the ground bare. The slightest amount of warmth that the sun provides triggers their growth. The peas are up! The growing season has begun.

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