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Report From PIA – April 20

Wow, what a day. Sunny, in the low sixties, and the garden looks like mid-May. Unfortunately, I wasn’t transplanting, weeding or even garden dreaming. It’s spring, and I’m either speaking, consulting, writing or plant selling. Not to mention other, non-garden related commitments.

It’s all happening in the spring and gardeners don’t know where to turn first. Yikes! Chickweed, winter cress and dandelions need to be pulled. Mulch needs to be spread so that summer germinating weeds don’t take over. Perennials and shrubs that were put in the wrong place, and yes, there are many, need transplanting. And the garden centers are filling with fresh, lovely, must-have plants.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in times like this. We’re pulled in several directions and need to balance the must-do, the hope-to-do, the want-to-do and the dream-of-doing.  We feel exhilarated and inundated all at once.

One day at a time, we remind ourselves.  Sometimes life is a balancing act.

Things are growing so quickly that part of me just wants to hang out and watch the magic.

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