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Report From PIA – April 30

Two years ago I decided to create my own month of holidays. Well, not a festival or vacation occasion, in the normal sense of the word, but a marking and a celebration. On the order of National Pickle Day, or International Speak Like a Pirate Day, but perhaps a tad more serious.

I chose the month of May to celebrate how gardens nurture us. On this day, the eve of Gifts From The Garden Month, I am alternately feeling that life is very rich, and being just plain exhausted. As a kid’s book that I used to read my boys said, some days are like that, even in Australia.

Tomorrow, I’ll begin a month of weaving the normal mix of gardening and life that you’ve come to expect here at Whole Life Gardening with the day-by-day Gifts From the Garden Month of May. Until then, let’s rest well.

Life is often very full.

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