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Report From PIA – May 1

When I was a girl, my mother made sure that we celebrated May Day. We’d make a cone out of paper, tape or staple a handle on it, and add flowers, small candies or gum. Once the basket was finished and filled, we’d hang it on a neighbor’s door, ring the bell and run.

With these memories in mind, I decided that the first day of Gifts From The Garden month should be about sharing the bounty and beauty. May first is Garden Bouquet Day, but the gift of flowers from our garden doesn’t have to be given on May Day. When we’re able to share even a few lovely blooms, we’re as blessed as the recipient of that gift.

The garden reminds us about the joy of giving without expectation of receiving anything back. We are prompted to remember that the simple gift of homegrown flowers, presented at a time when they’re least expected, spreads pleasure all around.

Where else in life might we use this same principle? What else might we share at random moments that would grow joy?

A few tulips and rhubarb flowers (which you were going to cut off anyway, right?) and you have a charming bouquet.

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