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Report From PIA – May 9

A friend of mine once said that true affluence isn’t about having money, it’s about having time. To be leisurely in our actions, and to spend our days following an interest or desire is a gift without price.

For most of us, there aren’t enough hours in the day. I personally want to get that cloning thing going so that I could have several of me. One C.L. would read books all day, one would make art, another would garden and a fourth would right. C.L. number five would work at the garden center, number six would watch movies and cook, and number seven would run all the errands and do the shopping. If I might be greedy, I’d want an eighth and ninth self to pick up the slack from all of the others, or maybe just go antiquing.

If you’re a gardener, this is the time of the year when there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. There are beds to mulch, weeds to pull and plants to put into the garden. There is fertilizer to spread and if you’re like me, roses to prune that should have been cut a month ago.

The funny thing is that if we view time as being in short supply, we’re more frantic about the amount we do have, and less gets done. “Time Management” isn’t a term that does us any favors because if we think we should be managing our time, instead of living it, that’s just another to-do task for our already overburdened list.

Instead of administering our time, we need to cultivate and savor it. Today I planted dahlias, sprayed Spinosad to kill the winter moth larvae that are trying to eat my entire landscape, planted seeds and weeded, weeded, weeded. As I moved from one task to another, I thought about how I might make time my friend, and therefore render it more elastic and forgiving.

I knew that the winter moth larvae eat fruit tree, oak, maple, birch, and rose foliage, but today I discovered that my Heucheras were being eaten too! I stopped my planting and weeding and mixed up a sprayer of Spinosad to apply to the coral bells.

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