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Report From PIA – May 14

One of the things I love about this time of year is discovering new plants. Every spring I come across new varieties in the garden center, online, or in magazines and catalogs. “Ohh… who are you?” I think when I see something unfamiliar.

I had that reaction today as I unpacked some Earlybird Cardinal daylilies that the folks at Blew Line Nursery sent so that I can give them away on GardenLine tomorrow.

Here’s what attracts me to this plant: it is said to bloom earlier than most daylilies, and repeat blooms with red, ruffled flowers. Yummy, yes, but I’m also in love with the name of this plant. Although marketed as Earlybird Cardinal, the registered name is Hemerocallis x ‘Endless Heart.’

Endless heart. I’d grow this plant for the name alone. The word “heart” calls to mind spirit, character, and compassion. Imagine a world where these are endless! When we say that someone is “after my own heart,” we mean that we have similar interests. I’m drawn to plants and gardening, and since you’re here, you must have at least a passing attraction to these things too.

Finding new things to be excited about speaks to our hearts, whether we have a passion for cars, politics or plants. There is always something as yet unknown to discover and experience, and the garden fosters life-long learning.

Last fall I planted three Earlybird Cardinal daylilies that were sent to me as free trial plants, and I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing how they perform in my Cape Cod garden. But beyond the plant itself, I savor the sense of adventure that comes with learning about something new. I love affirming the spirit of an endless heart.

Many of my consultation customers are afraid of reds and oranges in the garden, but I think that these colors make a flower bed come alive.

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