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Report From PIA – May 15

It was a long day, but I was blessed to come home to my garden. After hosting GardenLine and working at the garden center, I was very tired when I pulled in the driveway at 5 PM. But a stroll around Poison Ivy Acres, setting up a sprinkler here, and giving a few new plantings a squirt of water there, was completely rejuvenating.

Yes, I’d spent much of the day watering, organizing, and helping other people with their plant choices. And yes, I came home to more watering and plant chores…but because the garden is where my heart is, these tasks are life-affirming instead of more-of-the-same.

We all need a garden to come home to. It doesn’t have to be plants growing in a landscape, of course, but it does need to be a place that feeds our souls. If we are able to return to a dwelling where we’re able to grow, then we’ll be refreshed and revitalized.

What type of landscape – actual or metaphorical – invigorates you? Are you cultivating the garden that lifts your heart when you come home?

Walking through the gardens, noticing how the plants are growing and what varieties are getting ready to bloom is calming. Pulling the weeds I come upon, without pressure to do more, is satisfying and productive. I'm blessed to come home to a garden.

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