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Report From PIA – May 16th

Sometimes it’s the simple views that bring pleasure. The combination of two plants whose colors blend so perfectly, for example. Or when a random grouping of plants and objects happen to catch our eye and steal our heart.

Such it was today when I passed by the stone table that’s outside my kitchen door. This table was made of a found sheet of slate and terracotta drainage tiles. Plants, random garden tools, or sticks broken into kindling end up here, parked before they land somewhere permanently. Since last fall my collection of old watering cans has been stored underneath, waiting for their next mission.

A single Epiphyllum bloom, and the mix of terracotta captured my attention this morning, so I grabbed the camera.

At this time of year there’s so much that needs to be done. I have annuals, perennials and test plants to place in the garden or pot up. There is mulch to spread and new plantings to water. Not to mention articles to write, websites to update and The Dog to walk. And we can never forget about the weeds…

Still, it’s important not to let our minds and bodies get so busy that we don’t notice the small pleasures that surround us. The call of the first oriole, a strange, metallic, emerald green insect in the garden, or the perfect sphere of dandelion seeds, held on the stem before they take flight. Or a random collection of plants and objects by the kitchen door.

In a busy season it’s important to keep our eyes open for these small pleasures.

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