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Report From PIA – May 19

There are moon gardens with all white flowers, pizza gardens containing tomatoes, oregano, garlic and basil and gardens with plants that are mentioned in the bible. Some love gardens of only herbs, or collections of just one genus such as Hosta.

I’m working on a fragrance garden at Poison Ivy Acres. We inherited a cement slab when we bought the house, and if we ever have any money for it, we’d like to place a hot tub there. What better to surround a hot tub than a bunch of fragrant plants?

I’m about to plant the only fragrant rose in the Knockout series, Sunny Knockout, and some Royal Velvet Supertunias from Proven Winners. Maybe I should clear the rocks off the cement pad and install a lounge chair to better drink in the scents.

Working on a theme garden is a bit like writing a poem…it’s interesting to compose this perfect little puzzle within a given framework. Of course we want a garden to be visually beautiful as well, so that adds another level to the whole venture.

I’m thinking about how to build theme gardens in our lives: peace, joy and healing, for example. There is something wonderful about engaging our intellect and creativity, and the challenge of hunting for just the right components is immensely satisfying.

In one part of the fragrance garden is a Boomerang rose near thyme, lavender and Kathy Rood daylilies.

A Graham Thomas and Gertrude Jekyll rose are already in place, and the Sunny Knockout will join them, underplanted with purple Supertunias.

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