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Report From PIA – May 20

Yesterday we picked the first salad greens from this season’s vegetable garden. Out the front door (our vegetable garden is in the front of our house) and up a few steps, and twenty feet later you are standing next to the garlic and lettuce plants. Ten minutes later those greens are on the table.

Eating this first crop, I thought about why these lettuces were better than anything I could buy. The satisfaction of eating home grown vegetables goes way beyond how fresh they are and the fact that you’ve grown them organically. Yes, these greens are tasty, but more than that, they are also the product of work that has meaning. The effort put into the cultivation of this crop makes the end result tastier.

Freud said that all we truly have in this life are two things: work and love. When our work yields something that nourishes our very life, it is doubly satisfying.

May the results of your labors be delicious.

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